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how to get your tenants to protect you

The one policy that is inexpensive and easy to purchase. The purchase of this policy can be written in the lease. Here is the guide and how to get our tenants to protect you.

How Landlords protect themselves from claims

One claim can put your real estate properties as risk.  A slip, trip or fall claim is the most common from opportunists tenants looking to make additional income. Here is the protection game plan you need to protect you and your assets.

how much does landlord insurance cost?

How much should you pay for rental property protection?  This gives an example of what is covered and how much a Landlord would pay to protect their rental property including liability.

The rental advantage

Insurance and Marketing to help you build a cash flow positive portfolio


  • 1 to 100 properties one policy
  • 10 companies offer lowest rates
  • liability, property and flood
  • help lower expenses

rental report

  • rental rate calculator 
  • cash flow positive analysis
  • hard costs you can use
  • buy or pass data you need

the rental advantage

We help real estate investors build cash flow positive portfolios buy lowering insurance expenses and helping with advanced marketing to promote properties for sale and help find tenants to reduce vacant properties